Student Stories

Notability presents Ryan—a musical theater student at Western Connecticut State University! In this video Ryan shares how he uses Notability to memorize scripts, incorporate his director's feedback, and refine his acting skills.

Notability presents Somya at Northeastern University! In this video Somya shares how she uses Notability to help her stay organized as she pursues degrees in computer science and business and runs a club on campus.

Notability presents Sohini at UCSF School of Medicine! In this video Sohini shares how she uses Notability to get through medical school — especially anatomy classes (we know how hard it is to memorize all those muscles)! Make sure to watch the full video to see Sohini's method for quizzing herself and practicing active recall using Notability.

Notability presents Carlos at UC Berkeley! In this video Carlos shares how he uses Notability to create technical notes for his chemical engineering courses that enable him to better visualize concepts.