Organizing Your Library

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Notability's Library lets you put notes in groups:

  • Notes are your individual files.
  • Subjects let you group notes together.
  • Dividers let you group subjects together.

Making Subjects and Dividers

  1. Tap .
  2. Tap "Create Subject" or "Create Divider".
  3. Type in a name.
  4. Tap "Done".

Moving Notes into Subjects

Individual Note

  1. Press and hold on a note's thumbnail.
  2. Drag the thumbnail over a subject.
  3. Let go to drop the note into the subject.

Bulk Notes


  1. Tap "Edit".
  2. Tap notes to select them.
  3. Press and hold a note's thumbnail.
  4. Drop the thumbnail into a subject.


  1. Hold "Shift" and click on a note's thumbnail. 
  2. Drag notes to subject. 

Editing Subjects and Dividers

iPad and iPhone

  1. Open Notability's Library.
  2. On iPhone, tap note-btn-subjectList_2x.png.
  3. Tap "Edit" in the top left corner.
  4. To move a subject or divider, press and hold . Then drag up or down.
    • Closed dividers take their subjects with them.
    • Open dividers leave subjects where they are.
  5. To edit a subject or divider, tap .
    • Tap "Name" to rename a subject or divider.
    • Tap "Color" to change a subject's color.
    • Toggle on "Lock Subject" to lock a specific subject.
      You can read more about locked subjects here.
    • Tap "Delete" to delete a subject or divider.
      • Deleting a subject will also delete the notes in the subject.
      • Deleting a divider will only delete the divider—not the subjects in it.


  • Right-click on a divider or subject to edit, rename, or delete. 

Sorting Notes


  1. Open a subject.
  2. Scroll above the first note in the subject to find the sort options.
    • Name
    • Modified Date
    • Created Date


  • Go to " View > Sort Notes" and select from the sort options.
    • Name
    • Modified Date
    • Created Nate 

  • Right-click on a subject name and select "Sort Notes" to display the same sort options as above.
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