Link Sharing

Create and share links to notes which can then be viewed in any browser, by anyone with a link. These notes will always appear in your library under Shared Notes. Audio recordings are available only after someone downloads the linked note. 

Note: Link Sharing and Notability accounts are unavailable in China and Hong Kong

Creating a Note Link

      1. Tap on the Export icon in the upper left side of a note
      2. Tap "Create Public Link"
        • You will be prompted to log in or sign up
          • To sign up, enter your email address and create a password
          • To log in, enter your email address and password
            • To log out, go to your "Library > Settings"
              • Go to "Manage Accounts > Notability > Log out"
      3. When you're logged in, tap "Create Public Link" again 
      4. Once the link is generated, tap "Share Link" to send the link to others

Starter & Classic users can share up to 10 notes at any given time with a maximum of 100MB per note. NB_plus_text_badge.svg users can share up to 100 notes at any given time with a maximum of 100MB per note.

Editing a Shared Note 

  1. Make edits to your note like you usually would
  2. Go to "Export > Update Note"
    • Your edits are now viewable to anyone with the note link

Stop Sharing a Note

  1. Open a note that you'd like to stop sharing 
  2. Go to "Export > Stop Sharing"

Downloading Shared Notes

To download a note that someone has shared with you: 

  1. Click "Download Note" or "Download PDF" in the upper right corner of a shared note link in your browser
  2. Open the file (.note or .pdf) in Notability to make edits
    • You can also open the .pdf file in other apps that support .pdf

Information on "Notability Account"

In "Notability Settings > Manage Accounts", I see an option for creating a Notability account. What is that? Is it related to note storage?

This is not related to note storage. If you'd like to back up your notes, please try Auto-Backup

When you create a Notability account, it'll allow you use Link Sharing and the Gallery.