Moving Notes to a New Device or a New Apple ID

Moving Notes to a New Device

If you still have your old device, the easiest way to move notes to a new device is to enable Notability's iCloud syncing feature on both devices.

Alternatively, you can use Auto-Backup to send your notes to a cloud storage service. Then, you can download notes from that service into Notability on your new device.

Moving Notes to a New Apple ID 

If you sync notes across devices through iCloud and need to change your Apple ID, you can move notes to your new Apple ID like so:

Enable Auto-Backup before performing these steps to ensure your notes are safely backed up.

Open Settings (iOS) or System Preferences (Mac).

  1. Log into your old Apple ID.
  2. Open Notability.
  3. If iCloud syncing isn't already on, turn it on.
  4. Wait for your notes to download.
  5. Turn iCloud syncing off.
  6. Tap "Keep on My Device".
  7. Open Settings or System Preferences again.
  8. Log out of your old Apple ID and into the new ID.
  9. Open Notability.
  10. Turn iCloud syncing on.
  11. Your notes will be uploaded to your new iCloud account.