Troubleshooting Import Errors

If you receive an error while importing a file, these tips may help.

1. Reconnect Notability to Google Drive.

If an error occurs when importing a Microsoft Office file, log out of and back into Google Drive.

  • iOS: Open the "Manage Accounts" tab of Notability's preferences.
  • Mac: Click "Notability > Preferences…" in Notability's menu bar.

Also ensure that your Google Drive account is not low on storage space. On, a column on the left side of the screen shows how much space is available.

2. Convert a file into PDF.

When importing PowerPoint presentations or Word docs, try using Keynote or Pages as described in this guide.

3. Try another web browser.

If an error occurs when you send a file to Notability from Chrome for iOS, try Safari instead.

4. Try another sharing option.

When sending a file to Notability from another app, there may be two options with Notability's icon: "Notability" and "Copy to Notability". If you've only tried "Notability", also try "Copy to Notability".

If you send a file to Notability from a web browser and the share button (the square with an up arrow) leads to an error, try these steps:

  1. Open the file in your web browser.
  2. Tap anywhere on the file.
  3. Tap the "Open in…" or "More…" button that appears.
  4. Tap "Notability" or "Copy to Notability".

5. Let us know!

If you still receive errors, we would be happy to investigate. Please send us:

  1. One or two files you can't import.
  2. The steps you take to import the files.
  3. The specific error message you receive.
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