Troubleshooting Import Errors

If you receive an error while importing a file, try the following steps: 

Convert a file into PDF

When importing PowerPoint presentations or Word docs, try using Keynote or Pages:


  1. Open a Microsoft Office file in Keynote, Pages, or Numbers.
  2. Tap "…" in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Tap "Export" or "Send a Copy".
  4. Tap "PDF".
  5. Tap "Copy to Notability".


  1. Open a Microsoft Office file in Keynote, Pages, or Numbers.
  2. Click "File > Export To > PDF…" from the menu bar.
  3. Click "Next…".
  4. Click "Export…".
  5. Open the PDF in Notability.

Try another web browser

If an error occurs when you send a file to Notability from Chrome for iOS, try Safari instead.

Try another sharing option

If you are attempting to send a file from a browser into Notability, try downloading the file first and importing it into Notability through the

Reverse your workflow 

If your import is getting stuck and not completing, try reversing the workflow.

For example, if you are importing within the Notability app from a cloud storage service, try using the cloud storage app and exporting the file into Notability.

Compress files 

Compress large files prior to importing them into Notability.

If it's hundreds to thousands of pages long, it's also a good idea to split the file into sections.

The free platform can compress and split files.

As you add content to these files over time, they might reach a point where your device has trouble managing them (due to available RAM). 

Let us know!

If you still receive errors, we would be happy to investigate. Please submit a ticket and send us:

  1. One or two files you can't import.
  2. The steps you take to import the files.
  3. The specific error message you receive.