Troubleshooting Search Issues

Search issues may indicate that Notability was unable to process or index the file successfully. 

If Notability is having trouble searching, try the following: 

  1. On your iPad, go to "Settings > Notability," and check if "Safe Mode" is enabled.
    • When Safe mode is enabled, Search will be turned off.
    • Disable "Safe Mode" and try searching once more.

  2. Go to your list of notes, press-and-hold on a note's name, tap the "Duplicate" button that appears, and then try to search in the new copy of the note.

If those steps don't help, let us know!

Submit a ticket and our Support Team will be in touch. Let us know the following: 

  1. Did search stop working in all of your notes or only in some?
  2. Attach a sample note in your support ticket.