iCloud Storage Full

When you run out of storage space on iCloud, your Notability edits stop syncing to it. This means your notes will no longer sync across devices.

More importantly, your notes are at risk of being lost if you change your device's access to iCloud. Since your notes aren't making it off your device, the only place they're stored is in the local iCloud space. If something happens that changes your device's access to iCloud, then Apple will clear or remove Notability's access to that space. When that happens, Notability loses access to notes that never made it to iCloud and they're lost.



Actions to avoid

  1. Do not sign out of your Apple ID.
  2. Do not delete Notability data directly from iCloud without a backup of the note. If deleting Notability notes to create space, make sure the notes are backed up in Notability's native .note format.


Here are three ways to fix your syncing and prevent the worst from happening

  1. Make more space available.
  2. Get more iCloud storage.
  3. Turn iCloud off in Notability's Settings -> iCloud tab (not Settings.app).