Academic Honesty Policy

We want you to be using Notability and the Gallery in a way that enriches your learning experience and helps others in their learning journey, too. As such, we encourage you to adhere to our Academic Honesty policy, as well as investigate your individual schools Academic Honesty policy for anything that may differ from what we cover here.

In a nutshell, Academic Honesty is about making sure students are participating in their learning in an honest and ethical way. You, as a student, should be completing your own work and that work should be original and not plagiarized in any way. Any work that you reference within your own work should be cited according to your schools reference policy.

Many people share their study materials and notes in the Gallery and these thoughtful resources make a valuable addition to our Community space. It is important to keep in mind your school’s Academic Honesty and Referencing policies when using the Gallery for inspiration.

It has been noted by the ICAI that scholarly Communities thrive when the values of Academic Honesty are upheld. The Academic Honesty values that we have adapted from the ICAI are Honesty, Trust, Fairness, Respect and Responsibility.

Honesty - Be truthful in conveying where your work has come from and give credit where credit is due.

Trust - Preparing work that is honest, thoughtful and genuine forges a sense of trust in your Community and ensures that you can trust the work of those around you and that they in turn can trust your work, too.

Fairness - A sense of fairness is maintained throughout the Community by making sure that work shared within the Community is original and that no one is taking advantage of other people's work by plagiarizing without reference.

Respect - Make sure you are showing respect for your fellow Community members. Participate in a genuine way, make valuable contributions and always be kind in your interactions.

Responsibility - You are responsible for your own learning and the way that you interact with the Community. You are responsible for making yourself aware of our Community Guidelines, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

This is an overview of Academic Honesty and we highly encourage you to review your individual school’s academic honesty policy for any differentiating factors.

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