Subjects and Dividers


The Library houses your notes, subjects, and dividers. It’s where you access and organize your notes. 

The Sidebar, located on the left, is where you add subjects and dividers to organize your notes. 

  • Subjects group notes together.
  • Dividers group subjects together. You can also nest dividers inside each other. 

The Note List (on the right) displays your notes.

Select threedotsnoteview.png in the upper right corner of the Library, next to the new note Button.png to switch between list and grid view. This is also where you can sort your notes. 

Creating Subjects and Dividers

  1. Select next to Subjects in the sidebar. 
  2. Select Add Subject or Add Divider
  3. A new subject or divider will appear and you can name it. 
    • Multiple subjects can be created with the same name.
    • Once a divider has been created, there is no limit to the number of items living inside of it.

Editing Subjects and Dividers

  1. Press and hold (iOS) or right-click (Mac) on an item to Rename it.
  2. Press and hold (iOS) or right-click (Mac) on a Subject to Edit.
    • Edit Options:
      • Customize subject color
      • Lock Subject
      • Delete Subject
    • Press Save at the top right corner of the menu. 

Moving Subjects and Dividers

  1. To move a subject or divider, press and hold, then drag it up or down.