Options menu

From inside a note, select threedotsnoteview.png in the upper right corner to access your Options. 

In the Options menu, you can:

  • Quick Share: Open Apple's share menu.
  • Share Options: Select a file format to export the note in, choose a connected service to export to, and access Apple's share menu. 
  • Publish to Gallery: Share the note with our Gallery community (unavailable in China Mainland, Hong Kong, and Macau)
  • Create link: Create a shareable link for this note (unavailable in China Mainland, Hong Kong, and Macau).  
  • Template settings 
  • View settings
  • Select the note title to view Note Info:
    • In the menu that appears, tap on the note title to rename.
    • Tap on the subject name to move the note into an existing subject or create a new subject.
    • Last Modified 
    • Created
    • Page Size
    • Handwriting Language: To help recognize and search handwritten notes. 
  • Word Count: The number of typed text in a note, including text boxes (this doesn’t track handwriting or PDF text). 
  • Notability settings
  • Apple Pencil:To write with your finger, tap Disconnect
    • Reconnect the Apple Pencil whenever you'd like by writing on the screen with it.