Custom Templates

Use our Custom Templates with your notes for a more personalized note-taking experience.

Create notes from a Custom Template

A custom template can be set from the Note Gallery, your "My Templates" section, or customized by the following options:

    • Template Size
      • Note: Optimized paper sizes will adjust the text size on text-only notes for optimal viewing across devices
    • Landscape or Portrait
    • Paper Color
    • Type (Basic, Education, Creative, etc)

One template can be set per note. When creating a custom template from a multi-page PDF, the template will be created from the first page.

Setting a template while in a note

  1. While in a note, tap the more_options.svg icon and select "Templates."
  2. Choose a template from the Gallery, set a custom template, or navigate to "My Templates" to import a template from Files, a cloud storage option, or using Document Scan. 
  3. Select "Apply" in the top right corner of the screen.

Setting a template directly from the Gallery

    1. While in the Gallery, select a note that you would like to use as a template. Many options are available under "Topics > Templates."
    2. Select "Save Template" > "View Template" 
    3. The template will appear under your "My Templates" section under downloads. 
    4. Select the template and tap "Create" in the top right corner.

Downloaded Templates from the Gallery are stored locally on your device. If you want to use the same Template on other devices, you will need to download the Template from the Gallery on that device.

Creating a template from an existing note

  1. While in a note, open the Page Manager by tapping the note-pageManager-all_2.svg icon.
  2. On the desired page, tap the more_options.svg icon > "Create Template."
    • For Mac, right-click on the desired page and click "Create Template."
  3. Name the template and tap "Save." 
  4. This template can be located in "My Templates" under "Custom Templates."

Setting a Default Template

Navigate to "Notability Settings > Document > Default Template > Edit" to set a default template that will automatically apply to all new notes.

Planners and Worksheets

  1. Navigate to your Library and tap on the Templates button, located on the bottom right corner, above the new note button.
  2. Scroll through the Templates menu, which includes a Planners and Worksheets section.
  3. Select the item you'd like to download and select "Create."
  4. The planner or worksheet will appear in your Library as a new note.

The Planners and Worksheets sections are not available in the Templates menu within a note.