Custom Templates

Create notes from a Custom Template! 

A Custom Template can be set from the Note Gallery, your My Templates section or customized by the following options:

    • Template Size (Note: Optimized paper sizes will adjust the text size on text only notes for optimal viewing across devices)
    • Landscape or Portrait
    • Paper Color
    • Type (Basic, Education, Creative, etc)

Setting a template while in a note

  1. While in a note, tap the more_options.svg icon and select Templates.
  2. Choose a template from the Gallery, set a custom template, or navigate to My Templates to import a template from Files, a Cloud Storage option, or using Document Scan. 
  3. Select Apply in the top right corner of the screen.

Setting a template directly from the Gallery

  1. While in the Gallery, select a note that you would like to use as a template. Many options are available under Topics > Templates.
  2. Select "Save Template" > "View Template" 
  3. The template will appear under your My Templates section under downloads. 
  4. Select the template and tap Create in the top right corner. 

Creating a template from an existing note

  1. While in a note that you would like to convert into a template, open the Page Manager.
  2. On the desired page, tap the more_options.svg icon > "Create Template"
  3. Name the template and Save. 
  4. This template can be located in your My Templates section under Custom Templates. 

Setting a Default Template

Navigate to Notability Settings > Document > Default Template > Edit to set a Default Template that will automatically apply to all new notes.