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I bought Notability on my iPad/iPhone. Can I download it on my Mac? 

Since Mac and iOS are separate platforms with their own App Stores, the Mac and iOS versions of Notability are sold separately. If you have both versions, however, you can sync notes between them through iCloud.

In Notability Settings > Manage Accounts, I see an option for creating a Notability account. What is that? Is it related to note storage?

This is not related to note storage. If you'd like to back up your notes, please try Auto-Backup

When you create a Notability account, it'll allow you to share note links with others via the Link Sharing feature. It is not used for anything else.

How can I move, edit, and delete images, text boxes, and sticky notes?

  1. While using the text tool, tap an item with one finger to select it.
  2. Alternatively, tap an image with two fingers while using another tool. This keeps you from selecting the item while you write on it.
  3. To move the item, tap and drag it.
  4. To resize the item, tap and drag one of its corners.
  5. To delete the item, tap "Delete" from the menu above it.

How can I write with my fingers or another stylus after using an Apple Pencil?

  1. Open a note.
  2. Tap the Options (3 dots) menu and navigate to Info.
  3. Tap "Disconnect" next to Apple Pencil. 

Where did the scissors tool go? 

We updated the icon! It is a lasso tool now but it works exactly the same as it did before. 

I'm a designer and/or content creator. How can I collaborate with Notability?

Please email us at with any business inquiries. Thanks!

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