General FAQ and Quick Links

Notability Account

Access the Gallery and use Link Sharing by setting up a Notability account

  • Notability accounts are unrelated to purchases and subscriptions. 
  • Notability accounts are not used for note storage or backup. 
  • Notability accounts are unavailable in Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau. 

Note Storage

By default, Notability keeps all notes on a user's device. This is not a backup method, and we recommend enabling Auto-Backup to safely store your notes.

If iCloud Syncing is enabled, notes are stored on the iCloud account. 

We recommend making sure that there is plenty of space on both your device and iCloud account.  


Auto-Backup makes copies of your notes onto a cloud storage service. Deleting a note in Notability does not delete the backup copy, and vice versa. 


iCloud syncs notes across multiple devices. This is not a backup option.

Working in a Note

How to: Move, Edit, and Delete Images, Text Boxes, and Sticky Notes

  1. While using the text tool, tap an item with one finger to select it.
  2. Alternatively, tap an image with two fingers while using another tool. This keeps you from selecting the item while you write on it.
  3. To move the item, tap and drag it.
  4. To resize the item, tap and drag one of its corners.
  5. To delete the item, tap "Delete" from the menu above it.

Typing and Keyboards 

If Full Keyboard Access is turned on under Device Settings > Accessibility > Keyboards, then you will not be able to use your space bar. This is normal behavior for Full Keyboard Access because the space bar is used to activate whatever is currently highlighted (which by default is the back button while editing a note in Notability).

In order to add an actual space while typing, use Shift+Space. Alternatively, you can change the activation key to something other than the spacebar. Disabling the feature altogether will also work.


Notability is finely calibrated for the Apple Pencil (gen 1 & 2)

Notability's built-in palm detection and variable-width ink allows you to write with any Bluetooth stylus. At the moment, the app does not support pressure-sensitivity or hardware buttons for Bluetooth styluses other than Apple Pencil.

You can also write with your finger. 


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