Notability Subscription FAQ

Thanks for your interest in learning more about Notability's offerings. Some frequently asked questions are answered below. If you need anything else, submit a support ticket


Legacy Users

In-App Purchases, iCloud Syncing and Auto-Backup, Edit Limits

Education, Business, and Families

What platforms are compatible with Notability?

Notability is available for purchase in Apple's App Store. It requires iOS 14+ and/or macOS 11.0+ and works on iPad, Mac, iPhone, and iPod touch.

Notability runs natively on Macs with Apple's M1 chip.

You can sync notes across multiple devices through iCloud.

How do I set up Notability on multiple devices?

After you purchase Notability, you can download it on as many devices as you like. If a device is logged into the Apple ID you used to purchase Notability, the app will be available for free in your device's list of purchased apps.

If it looks like the App Store will charge you again, these steps may nudge it into order:

  1. Log out of the App Store.
  2. Restart your device.
  3. Log back into the App Store.

If the version of Notability you're downloading is in your purchase history, tapping or clicking the button to buy Notability will make the App Store check your history, see that you bought the app, and download it for free.

If that doesn't help, contact Apple Support

How can I update Notability? 

Finding Your Version of Notability

  • iOS: Open Notability, tap the Settings (gear) icon > About tab
  • Mac: Open Notability and click "Notability > About Notability" in your Mac's menu bar.

Updating Notability

  1. Open the iOS or Mac App Store.
  2. Tap or click "Updates".
  3. Tap or click "Update" next to Notability.

Why switch to a subscription model instead of a one time purchase?

To better serve our users and to make Notability accessible to everyone, Notability is now a free application. Plus features and unlimited editing are available through a subscription so users can choose the tools that fit their needs and budget. 

For more details, check out this blog post

I'm an existing user who purchased Notability prior to November 1, 2021 and decide to subscribe then downgrade, will I still have access to all my grandfathered features before version 11.0 for life?

Yes! When a subscription expires, grandfathered users are downgraded to the Classic plan and have access to any previously purchased content and features before the 11.0 update.

I'm an existing user who previously purchased Notability, will I still have access to the features I paid for after updating to the newest version with the annual subscription plan?

Yes! Everyone who purchased Notability prior to our switch to subscription on November 1st, 2021 will have lifetime access to all existing features and any content previously purchased in the app. This includes the core Notability experience that users know and love, including unlimited editing, iCloud sync, and any features or content that was previously purchased through the Notability Shop. Future features we develop may also be included, depending on their complexity and cost to maintain.

If I haven't updated to 11.0+ but purchased single features inside the Notability Shop, on Nov. 3 for example, will I still get lifetime access to these features as well?

Yes! Any content you previously purchased from the Notability Shop will remain yours forever, even if you purchased it after November 1, 2021.

What happens to the Shop add-ons that I purchased like stickers and planners?

Everyone who purchased Notability prior to our switch to subscription on November 1st, 2021 will have lifetime access to all existing features and any content previously purchased in the app.

What about iCloud Syncing and Auto-Backup?

Subscribing to Notability Plus will unlock iCloud Syncing and Auto-Backup.

Legacy (grandfathered) users will have access to all existing features they had prior to our 11.0 update, including iCloud Syncing and Auto-Backup. 

What counts as an edit?

Edits are directly tied to your usage of the app and are counted as any changes you make in a session like handwriting, erasing, or adding text or media.

Recording and modifying audio do not count as edits nor does adding or moving notes/pages.

If you're using the free version of the app, you will be given an editing allowance each month. You can track the status of your remaining edits in the settings menu, and at any point can choose to subscribe to unlock unlimited editing.

I’m a college or grad school student or teacher, can I use Notability for free?

Yes! Notability now offers a free tier available to everyone. Download through the App Store here.

Do you support Family Sharing? How many users/devices can be on each subscription?

Since we work with third-party creators, sharing a subscription is not available at this time. Family Sharing is not available and subscriptions are limited to one person. They can be accessed on any device associated with your Apple ID.


I'm with a business, and we use Notability, how can we purchase now?

Please fill out this form with any business inquiries.