Recently Reported Issues

If we hear about an issue from multiple users, we will post here along with any workarounds to get you up and running again as soon as possible while we work on a fix. 

Don't see your issue on here? Check out our FAQ. For further assistance, please reach out to us!


  • When listening to music, quality of sound changes when Notability is open.

This is a known issue and we're hoping to release an update for it soon. Thanks for your patience!

  • Typed text is no longer aligning with Lined Paper in the background. 

This is expected behavior as we recently polished our code to prepare for future improvements to our Paper Templates feature. At the moment, we don't have a timeline to share for those upgrades, but we're confident our users will appreciate them. In the meantime, please consider removing the Lined Paper template for a better note-taking experience.

  • Seeing the option to purchase the new Notability for Mac instead of a free download.

If you already own Notability for iOS on your Apple ID, the new Mac experience will be a free download. An additional purchase is required for users who only have the old Notability for Mac. If you run into a prompt asking you to buy Notability and it should be a free download for you, try downloading a free app from the App Store and restarting the Mac App Store.

  • Black screen when entering Presentation Mode:

As a temporary workaround, tap the Presentation Mode icon on the left side of your toolbar and switch between Screen and Presentation to get going again. Force closing Notability and re-opening the app while screen mirroring also works.

  • PDF has disappeared, annotations remain on note:

Troubleshooting steps here

  • Random Lines when writing with Apple Pencil:

Troubleshooting steps here.

  • Notes are stuck downloading:

Most commonly due to insufficient storage on the device or in iCloud. If that's not the case, reach out to us

Frequently Asked Planner Questions

How do I cancel the trial so I don't get charged? Notability will not automatically charge users at the end of the trial. The Planner will lock and will require a purchase for continued use. 

How do I generate more Planner pages? Using the Page Navigator, users are able to copy and paste a page as well as copy the background of the page which will omit existing data (except for highlights). Guide on that right here.

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